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Legal Help After A Tragic Loss

The loss of a loved one is a wrenching trial, even when it is expected. But when a family member dies because of the negligence of another person or entity, the shock and trauma make things even worse. In legal terms, this is known as ‘wrongful death,’ and family members (or the estate) can sue for damages.

Our attorneys work to restore the lives of families after an accidental death. We seek maximum financial compensation for the victims of negligence. Contact us to speak to an experienced wrongful death attorney.

At DeLuca & Associates, Ltd. we will handle your wrongful death action discreetly and professionally. It is our aim to help your family recover the financial compensation you need and deserve after suffering the trauma of an accidental death. We are experienced at representing victims of fatal car accidents, deadly falls and fatal construction site accidents.

Incidents That Can Trigger Wrongful Death Claims

Our attorneys are experienced at handling fatal auto accidents and brain death as well as any case involving accidental death caused by negligence. You may be able to recover for the loss of consortium, lost income and the loss of relationships between your family members and your loved one. From your initial consultation we will provide the information and advocacy you need to successfully proceed in a wrongful death action.

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